Why you should invite all your contacts to lovelocalexpo 

Every business will have a list of clients and suppliers, perhaps you’ve got a wider list of contacts too. Inviting them along to visit lovelocalexpo – and to come and see you at your stand for a coffee – is a win-win-win. Why? See below:

  • It’s a great excuse to get in touch with your contacts
  • You’re giving them something of value, a free to attend event where they can meet new clients, suppliers and collaborators
  • You’ll be top of mind, they’ll receive the email and be thinking about your business
  • When they come and see you on the day you can build on (or re-ignite) the relationship you already have with them – it could very well lead to them doing more business with you
  • They are guaranteed to have a good day at the expo and will thank you for it – you’ll stay top of mind, especially if they get new clients


As expo organisers, we work year round promoting the expo to get as many people to attend as possible, more visitors means more exhibitor conversations, more seeds of relationships, more leads and more conversions ….. It’s a numbers game.


Together we are stronger. If you and every business that’s exhibiting invites, say, 200 contacts to attend that’s 10,000 invitations. If just 5% attend that’s 500 extra visitors.

You’re giving something of value to your contacts, building on your own relationships and helping your fellow exhibitors – who are in turn helping you.


To make it super easy as we know you’re all very busy, we’ve created an invitation template for you, just click here to download it then cut and paste the text into your CRM system and send to all your lovely business friends. Where it says <YOUR BUSINESS NAME etc> just make sure you fill your details in and don’t leave it like that!


Have a great week and thanks for helping us make lovelocalexpo the best one yet.


TOP TIP! The reason there’s a link to book early in the email, then another link at the bottom is because some people will do detail and read the whole thing, others won’t so will get bored and click off if you don’t have a call to action soon enough.


Smash Your Expo ROI is our 10 week programme designed to help you get the very best return on your investment of time, money and energy at lovelocalexpo. If you follow it and spend a little time each week on brainstorming, implementing or contacting – we guarantee you’ll get more high-value leads, have better conversations, make better connections and smash your ROI at lovelocalexpo and every other expo you attend.